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Medicine Subject Guide: Pharmacology


A Guide for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Clinical Pharmacy students in the College of Pharmacy at Howard University.

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This guide is designed to support our faculty and students by providing relevant pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences information related to their scholarly endeavours. The areas covered, but not limited to, include: pharmacy law, therapeutics, pharmacy administration, pharmaco-economics, pharmaco-epidemiology, natural products, medicinal chemistry, and drug delivery.

Popular Journals

Core Textbooks

Goodman & Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics
Call No: RESV QV 4 G6532 2011

Applied therapeutics: the clinical use of drugs [Book]

Koda-Kimble  Applied Therapeutics The Clinical Use of Drugs
Call No: RESV WB 330 A651 2009

<em>Martin's Physical</em> Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences [Book]

Martin's Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Call No: RESV QV 744 M388 2011

Pharmacotherapy principles & practice [Book]

Chisholm-Burns Pharmacotherapy principles & practice
Call No: RESV WB 330 P53592 2008

<em>Pharmacotherapy</em> and <em>Pharmacotherapy</em> Casebook 7th Ed. Value Pack [Book]

Dipiro Phamacotherapy A Pathophysiologic Approach
Call No: RESV WB 330 P5357 2008

<em>Pharmacotherapy</em> casebook

Pharmacotherapy Casebook A Patient-Focused Approach
Call No: RESV WB 330 P5362 2009

Reference Texts


<em>Martindale: the complete drug reference</em> [Book]

Martindale The Complete Drug Reference
Call No: RESV QV 738 M384c v.1 & v.2 2009

<em>AHFS Drug</em> Information [Book]

Call No: RESV QV 740 AA1 A53a 2011

Kaplan <em>NAPLEX Review</em>: The Complete Guide to Licensing Exam ...

Call No: RESV QV 18.2 N215 2008

<em>Red Book</em> 2010: <em>Pharmacy's</em> Fundamental Reference [<em>Book</em>]

Call No: RESV QV 772 D794 2010

Call No: RESV QV 772 F142 2000

Physicians' Desk Reference <em>2011</em> [Book]
Call No: RESV QV 772 P578 2011

Supplemental Texts

Foye's Principles of Medicinal Chemistry

Foye's principles of medicinal chemistry [Book]


Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics

Applied biopharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics [Book]


Red Book

<em>Red Book</em> 2010: <em>Pharmacy's</em> Fundamental Reference [<em>Book</em>]

Burger's Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Burger's Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery: Nervous system agents [Book]

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