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Medicine Subject Guide: RefShare

Sharing Your References

RefShare Overview

RefShare provides subscribing institutions and universities the ability to allow users to share their Refworks database or just specific folders from their RefWorks database with other users in their organization and in some cases even publicly.  Certain users may also have permission to post their folders or databases on a shared page viewable by all RefWorks Users within their organization.

RefShare users have the ability to allow exporting, printing, generating a list of references and even using custom output styles at the folder or database level.

Existing RefWorks users can export from a RefShared database or folder directly into their own RefWorks database.

There are three types of RefShare Users:

How will I know if I Can Share My Folders or Database with RefShare?

From the main RefWorks toolbar, in the Folder area you will see Share Folders and in the Tools area, you will see Share References.  If you see these, that means your local RefWorks Administrator has given you permission to share your folders or databases.

Note:  You can still share your database with colleagues by creating a read-only password, should you not have access to RefShare.

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