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Medicine Subject Guide: Write-N-Cite

Unable to get Plug-in to download; cite manually, sort of

If you are unable to download and install Write-N-Cite on your computer, you may use the Citeicon in RefWorks to create in-text citations.

  1. When viewing your references, look at the right-hand side of the brief citation, under the Actionsheading. Click the Citeicon, that looks like two empty brackets:    
  2. A pop-up window will appear with a citation placeholder: {{407 Abdu, L 2002;}}
  3. Copy and paste the citation placeholder where you want the in-text citation to appear in your document.
  4. IMPORTANT! Save your paper with these placeholders.
  5. After you have entered all the placeholders into your paper and saved your document a final time, close your document. 
  6. Click on located under the toolbar. 
  7. Choose your Output Style, and then select "Format Paper and Bibliography."
  8. Browse for your document and upload the file.
  9. final version of your paper is created. The placeholders and your bibliography are formated in the style you chose.
  10. Proofread and save your paper.

Using Write-N-Cite (WNC)


While the interface is very different from previous versions of Write-N-Cite, we think you'll find this version much easier to work with. Changes include:

  • Write-N-Cite now sits right in MS Word as a small toolbar
  • Your paper will be formatted as you work, but you can change the citation style at any time in the writing process
  • You can also easily hide or add information to citations as you insert them

Logging in to WNC

Write-N-Cite 4 can be downloaded from within your RefWorks account by going to the Tools menu. 
A lightbox will open. In addition to compatibility information and a download link, you will be given a login code.
If you don't know your institution's group code, please copy this login code to your clipboard:

Once WNC has been installed, it will automatically appear in your Word toolbar. To login, select the active icon (small icon of a person), then either paste the login code you copied earlier, OR enter your group code, username, and password as usual.

Please note: your account may take a few minutes to sync, especially if you have a lot of output styles on your Favorites List. To speed up this process, we recommend you keep your Favorites List short. You can manage your Favorites List using the Output Style Manager under the Bibliography menu in your RefWorks account.

Once your account has synced, you are now ready to use WNC4! If you ever close the WNC4 toolbar, you can reopen it in Word by going to View > Toolbars > Write-N-Cite.

Working with WNC

When you select Insert or Edit a citation, a window will appear with many more options:


  • View reference by folder, or sorted by author, date, or article title
  • Insert several citations at a time by simply double clicking each reference
  • References that have already been included will be greyed out
  • Search all references from the top right-hand bar 

Write-N-Cite will automatically insert the appropriate fields for your chosen style, but you can override these settings by editing a reference:

  • Hide the year or author if you've already mentioned them in-text
  • Supress the page numbers, or alter them from the original citation
  • Include a citation as a footnote, or keep it out of the text all together but include it in your bibliography
  • Add additional information:


  • Fields will be greyed out when not applicable to your chosen style.
  • All changes will appear right away in the Preview Citation window. 

If your chosen style has a rule about which order citations should appear in, they will be placed in that order. If you need to change the order, tick "Override default ordering" at the bottom. You can then use the arrows to re-order your citations. 

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