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The Office of Faculty Development, Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is charged with enhancing the is charged with enhancing the leadership capabilities of the medical faculty through professional development.

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The goal of the office is to link medical faculty to campus-wide opportunities and to create new opportunities, unique and responsive to the interests of the medical faculty. The program aims to support faculty in attaining excellence in the academic competency of their choice.

To support you, we:

Provide knowledge and skill-building seminars and workshops.

Organize departmental mentorship and leadership programs.

Promote professional development courses offered through other programs, and

Create web-based information resources to support faculty development.

The office also assists new faculty in obtaining important information when coming on board as a new faculty member.


Faculty Showcase

Dr. Bernard Kwabi-Addo has written a book entitled "Check The FATS- Eliminate Chronic Diseases." In Check the FATS: Eliminate Chronic Diseases, Dr. Bernard Kwabi-Addo discusses how the human body has designed complex and integrated metabolic process that involves several factors such as hormones, gut microbiome, circadian rhythm/sleep pattern, genetic traits, and exposures to the current obesogenic environment in regulating energy intake from diet and energy expenditure as well as energy storage in the form of fat. Thus, disruption in any of these processes can and do contribute to obesity and chronic diseases. Check the FATS then discusses lessons from our ancestors who did not have chronic diseases and presents the scientific evidence in support of the role of poor dietary components and sedentary lifestyle and their association with chronic diseases whereas healthy dietary interventions can reverse and even eliminate chronic diseases.

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