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Robert A. Copeland, Jr. M.D. Endowed Chair: Legacy, Love & Vision

He is here in every heart and mind that he has touched

Dr. Copeland... Never was in a bad mood, never allowed us to skip breakfast, never let us miss an opportunity, never wore dungarees, never got his new laptop or his new phone, never liked our photography, never called off sick, never went home early, never organized his desk, never passed on barbeque, never passed on travel, never missed whale watching, never let us settle for less than the best. 

Dr. Copeland... You will always be remembered, and will never be replaced.

With love,

The Ninja, Usi-Doosie, Shinaway-Shinaway, Tex- Mex, The Horror, Nadal, Pablo Escobar, Bubble-Two, and Persian Princess. 



Again Jesus said “Peter son of John, do you love me? He answered “Yes Lord, you know that I love you”. Jesus said “Take care of my sheep.” 

Leslie S. Jones, MD and Mrs. Candie Copeland at Robert A. Copeland , Jr. Memorial Lecture, National Medical Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia Convention Center, June 29, 2017


"Trust your training and get the job done."

...always an advocate, always an academic


Always left his office door open, always had something to say, always had a heart-felt laugh, always made Monday's fun...

...always had our back, always asked about the wobble-wobble, always played "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" ... always put a smile on your face. 

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