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All of Us - National Institute of Health (NIH): The Researcher Workbench

The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) All of Us Research

The Researcher Workbench

The Researcher Workbench is a cloud-based platform where registered researchers can access Registered and Controlled Tier data. 

Data are curated into three datasets and are available for researchers through the All of Us Research Hub and All of Us Researcher Workbench.

Learn more about the Researcher Workbench in the Introduction to the Researcher Workbench video

The Research Hub

The Research Hub is public information. Users will need to register in order to gain access to the data and tools in the Researcher Workbench. 

Research Projects Directory
The Research Projects Directory includes information about all projects that currently exist in the Researcher Workbench to help provide transparency about how the Workbench is being used.

All Publications using All of Us data are featured within the Research Hub and can be found under the discover tab.


Access Tiers

There are three tiers of data. Your access to these tiers depends on the Data Use Registration Agreement (DURA) your institution has with the All of Us Research Program. Howard University has access to all three tiers

Learn more about the tiers in this video and this slide deck

The Public Tier 

The Public Tier data contain only aggregate data with identifiers removed and are available using Data Snapshots and the Data Browser. This tier is available regardless of registration status. 

The Registered Tier 
The Registered Tier data contain individual-level data from EHRs, wearables, and surveys, as well as physical measurements taken at the time of participant enrollment.

The Controlled Tier 
In addition to the data in the Registered Tier, the Controlled Tier dataset contains genomic data in the form of whole genome sequencing (WGS) and genotyping arrays, previously suppressed demographic data fields from EHRs and surveys, and unshifted dates of events.


All of Us

Researcher Workbench Tools

Powerful tools in the Researcher Workbench support data analysis and collaboration. These tools include:

  • Shared Workspaces to access, store, and analyze data, 
  • Notebooks capable of high-powered queries and analysis using R or Python, 
  • A Dataset Builder to search and save collections of health information about cohorts, and 
  • A Cohort Builder that allows researchers to create, review, and annotate groups of participant data.

Data Curation

Details on the data curation processes are detailed in the Research Hub.

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