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The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) All of Us Research

All of Us - National Institute of Health (NIH)

What Is the All of Us Research Program?

The National Institutes of Health's (NIH's) All of Us Research Program is building one fo the largest biomedical data resources of its kind with health data from a diverse group of participants across the United States, including people and communities who have been left out of medical research in the past. Data include biological factors and social determinants of health on a large, inclusive scale that tracks participants as they move, age, and grow (longitudinal study design).

Data sources include:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) standardized using the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM).
  • Biosamples and bioassays from blood,  saliva, and/or urine samples.
  • Survey responses on identities and backgrounds, overall health, lifestyles, medical histories, healthcare access, experiences with COVID-19, and more.
  • Physical measurements when joining program.
  • Heart rate, physical activity, and sleep as tracked by wearable devices. 

The diverse database, which is a part of the Precision Medicine Initiative, is intended to inform studies on a multitude of conditions. 

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is individualized care that considers the environment, lifestyle, family health history, and genetic makeup of a patient. It acknowledges that certain treatments work differently for people with different backgrounds, treats patients as individuals, and can reduce health care costs by providing the right treatment the first time.

Learn more about precision medicine:

All of Us

We are one nation, one people. When called upon to give from within, we come together and find that our capacity to help others is limitless. Here, we are fearless. What lies inside all of us is more than data. Its life. Its more than insight and medical research. Its vision and honor and compassion.

What's flowing through America's veins is its diversity. The next great breakthrough will be found in each and every one of us, and what we find there will unlock mysteries, heal the sick, and eradicate disease.

We ask for one million individuals to come forward and stand on this landmark in history. We ask America to do, once again, what she has always done. Lead the way forward. We're one nation, one people. But all of us are different, and it's those very differences that will lead to answers for generations to come.

All of Us

The AoU Research Hub is a collaboration site for researchers.

Public data is available through Data Snapshots and the Data Browser.

The Researcher Workbench gives you access to data. You must create an account and complete the necessary tutorials. 

To get started, view publications based on AoU data from the following links: Research Projects Directory, All of Us Publications, or Spotlights.

Contact Us

Howard University Librarians are ready to assist you. 

Dr. Fatima M. Mncube-Barnes
Executive Director
Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library

Jeremy Gunnoe
Assistant Director; Medical Librarian
Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library

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STEM Librarian
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