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Featured Faculty Publications

Ashktorab H1, Azimi H1, Varma S2, Lee EL3, Laiyemo AO1, Nickerson ML4, Brim H3. Driver genes exome sequencing reveals distinct variants in African Americans with colorectal neoplasia

Brim H1, Yooseph S2, Lee E3, Sherif ZA4, Abbas M5, Laiyemo AO6, Varma S7, Torralba M8, Dowd SE9, Nelson KE10, Pathmasiri W11, Sumner S12, de Vos W13, Liang Q14, Yu J15, Zoetendal E16, Ashktorab H17. A Microbiomic Analysis in African Americans with Colonic Lesions Reveals Streptococcus sp.VT162 as a Marker of Neoplastic Transformation.

Afsari A1,2, Lee E2, Shokrani B2, Boortalary T1, Sherif ZA1,3, Nouraie M4, Laiyemo AO1, Alkhalloufi K1, Brim H1,2, Ashktorab H5. Clinical and Pathological Risk Factors Associated with Liver Fibrosis and Steatosis in African-Americans with Chronic Hepatitis C.

Sanabria-Salas MC1,2, Hernández-Suárez G1, Umaña-Pérez A2, Rawlik K3, Tenesa A3,4, Serrano-López ML1,2, Sánchez de Gómez M2, Rojas MP1, Bravo LE5, Albis R6, Plata JL7, Green H8, Borgovan T8, Li L9, Majumdar S9, Garai J9, Lee E10, Ashktorab H10, Brim H10, Li L8, Margolin D8, Fejerman L11, Zabaleta J9,12. IL1B-CGTC haplotype is associated with colorectal cancer in admixed individuals with increased African ancestry.

Nouraie M1,2, Ashktorab H3,4, Atefi N5, Azam S5, Tarjoman T5, Lee E6, Shokrani B6, Afsari A6, Soleimani A5, Laiyemo AO5, Singh S5, Brim H6.‚ÄčCan the rate and location of sessile serrated polyps be part of colorectal Cancer disparity in African Americans?

Brim H1, Shahnazi A1, Nouraie M2, Badurdeen D1, Laiyemo AO1, Haidary T1, Afsari A1, Ashktorab H1. Gastrointestinal Lesions in African American Patients With Iron Deficiency Anemia.

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