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Exam Master: Welcome to Exam Master

Getting Started with Exam Master

In order to access exams Please use either Internet Explorer 7 (and later versions) or FireFox 3 (and later versions) as their internet browser.

System Update: New USMLE Practice Exams

Please note that Exam Master has not developed a practice exam for USMLE Step 3.  However, practice exams for Steps 1 and 2 are available.

Exam Master released version 3 of the USMLExpress Step 1 Practice Exam, as well as version 2 of the USMLE Step 2 CK Practice Exam. These contain different questions from earlier versions and give you another opportunity to test yourself, receive feedback, and build confidence.

Exam Master Training

This LibGuide was developed by the staff of the Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library to train first-year medical residents in the use of the Exam Master software application. 

Exam Master is a web-based, test-simulation tool that supports studying and preparing for the health-sciences board exams, including the USMLE Steps 1 - 3.  Over 2650 questions, many presented as clinical vignettes, are available in the Exam Master database for the Step 3 exam alone.

Each tab of this LibGuide focuses on key concepts that will be covered in the Exam Master training class, including:

  • An overview of the features of Exam Master
  • Instructions for taking an exam
  •  Instructions for creating flash cards

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Introduction to Exam Master Online

Take a look at this 4 minute, 23 second Video, it's very helpful!!!

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