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Featured Faculty Publications

Collins M, Young M . (2017). Benign Neonatal Shudders, Shivers, Jitteriness, or Tremors: Early Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency. Pediatrics, epub. Click here for full text & supplemental materials.

Lyon ME, ..., Rana SR, ..., Wang J (2017). A Randomized Clinical Trial of Adolescents with HIV/AIDS: Pediatric Advance Care Planning. AIDS Care, epub. 

Dick DM, ..., Scott D (2017). Genetic research on alcohol use of outcomes in African American populations: A review of the literature, associated challenges and implications (invited review), American Journal of Addictions. epub.  

Dallas RH, ..., Rana S, ... , Lyon ME (2016). Acceptability of Family-Centered Advanced Care Planning for Adolescents with HIV. Pediatrics, 138(6), epub.

Alessandrini EA, Wright JL (2015). The Continuing Evolution of Pediatric Emergency Care. JAMA Pediatrics, 169(6): 523-4. 

Cheng TL, ... , Jenkins R (2015). Introduction: State-of-the Art on Child Health Disparities. Pediatrics, 136(4), 730-1 ‚Äč

DC-Baltimore Research Center on Child Health Disparities

Children of color in Washington, DC-Baltimore area are among the most disadvantaged in the nation. The DC-Baltimore Research Center on Child Health Disparities is a collaborative project between Howard University Department of Pediatrics & Child Health and Children's National Medical Center and the Johns Hopkins University.

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