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Gray Literature

What is Gray Literature?

"The term ‘grey literature’ is often used to refer to reports published outside of traditional commercial publishing" (Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions 4.3.5).

Why is it important?

Gray literature usually has not been peer reviewed, but may still be good, reliable information. It can thus be invaluable for your research. 

It is produced from a variety of sources, and is usually not indexed or organized, often making it difficult to locate.

What is Gray Literature?

  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Dissertations/Theses
  • Clinical Trials
  • Government Publications
  • Census data
  • White Papers

How do I find Gray Literature?

Log into your library account, then use the links below to start your research. For more information or help, please reach out to your liaison librarian.


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