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Library Reopening Guidelines: Home

Fall 2020 Guidelines

Fall Semester 2020 Reopening Plan

COVID-19 Guidelines & Procedures

The library is open and providing limited access to ON-CAMPUS students with clinicals only per lists provided by the Colleges. Only ON-CAMPUS clinical students from the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, CNAHS and College of Pharmacy P4 students will be admitted into the library.

If all of your classes are online, you will not be permitted in the library as all ON-CAMPUS students, faculty and staff have received a negative COVID test and have undergone HU COVID-19 training.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping to keep our students, faculty and staff safe.

Reopening Date:

Library Operations: Monday – Friday

Times: 8 am – 5 pm

Closed: Weekends

In addition to the Howard University COVID-19 mandatory training, the library staff completed the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Coursera course offered by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health. The staff gained the importance of Contact Tracing, a basic understanding of this pandemic, and the knowledge to protect themselves, families, and communities during these unprecedented times.

COVID-19 Signage provided by the institutions regarding Social Distancing, mandatory wearing of Masks, regular washing of hands, and sanitization of frequently used space, is posted throughout the library.

Limited Library Staffing

  • The library staff will alternate in telecommuting for two days and report to work for three.

Library Access

  • The main library doors will be propped open for easy access. A maximum of 250 individuals will be admitted in the library throughout the day.
  • Registration is required after showing the HU ID to the security officer.
  • Plexiglasses were installed in two areas of the Circulation Desk and at the Security Officer section.
  • A mask or face covering is required to enter the library and should be worn while in the library.
  • The library seating was arranged to enforce social distancing on all four floors.
  • Disposable Masks and Gloves are available for the library staff.
  • Sanitization supplies are available on each floor.

Study Rooms

  • Small study rooms have a maximum capacity of two people. 
  • Large study rooms have a maximum capacity of three to four people.  
  • The Kaplan computer lab is currently being used for chair storage.

Social Distancing

  • Social Distancing should always be observed.
  • Plexiglass barriers were installed in three areas of the library for extra protection.
  • Only two people are permitted on the elevator at one time.
    Priority to patrons who require additional accessibility.
  • The long study tables accommodate two people with diagonal seating.
  • Carrels will only seat one person instead of two.

Restrooms Amenities

  • There are two restrooms on each floor.
  • Any inconsistencies – blockages, overflowing water, or messy bathroom should be reported immediately to the library staff.

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