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Community Pharmacists, Underserved Communities, and Health Care Inequities: Community Pharmacy Practice

This guide will provide a brief, culturally-centered, evidence-based introduction to the specialization of Community Pharmacy and Underserved Communities.

What is a Community Pharmacist?

Goode, Owen, Page, and Gatewood (2019) define a Community Pharmacist as “…health care providers who offer either generalist or specialist ambulatory care services to patients in the communities they serve. The primary goal of a community-based pharmacist practitioner is to keep patients healthy. Community-based pharmacist practitioners create, advance, and influence team-based care; strive to enhance management of community-based pharmacy practices to focus on the delivery of patient care services; serve as leaders within community-based pharmacy settings, local communities, and the profession of pharmacy; and provide direct patient care to meet the healthcare needs of the communities that they serve. Regardless of the actual physical practice setting location, the focus of the community-based pharmacist practitioner is providing patients with the care they need, when and where they need it. Community-based pharmacist practitioners provide a wide range of services including educational consultations, medication management and other medication optimization services, chronic condition management, patient empowerment, care coordination, health and wellness services, and other services that help to improve the lives of patients in the community.”

This mandate positions Community Pharmacists to act as change agents, as regulators, and as influencers. 

Owen, J., Page, A., & Gatewood, S. (2019). Community-Based Pharmacy Practice Innovation and the Role of the Community-Based Pharmacist Practitioner in the United States. Pharmacy, 7(3).

What do Community Pharmacists Do?

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