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Community Pharmacists, Underserved Communities, and Health Care Inequities: Library Resources 2

This guide will provide a brief, culturally-centered, evidence-based introduction to the specialization of Community Pharmacy and Underserved Communities.

Search Transparency

Transparency and documentation in your search for information, are key factors in reproducibility and cross-examination of knowledge synthesis methodologies. The following list contains the PubMed MeSH terms used to compile sample literatures pertaining to the Community Pharmacy specialization. MeSH (pronounced like mesh) terminology is an indexing thesaurus that is used to tag journal articles in PubMed based on a range of metadata. This allows you to identify the specific literature you are looking for. These terms are assigned by professional indexers with biomedical expertise and are mapped to common vocabulary that may be used in everyday language to describe medical terms. For example, the term "fainting" may be used colloquially; however, it is not a designated medical terminology. If you search PubMed using "fainting" it will be automatically mapped to Syncope. You can use the MeSH tree website, to explore the categorizations of biomedical terms and concepts from basic science to advanced specializations, as well as methodological terminologies. This will be useful if you are unfamiliar with the vocabulary of a specific field or you are seeking to search within certain methodological frameworks. The search terms below are linked to their MeSH description pages, they may be used to construct searches in PubMed's search builder, which can be found on each MeSH description page.  

Community Pharmacy Services 
Community Participation
Pharmacy Residencies 
Quality of Health Care 

Academic Search Complete

The human complexities involved in Community Pharmacy practice require a worldview that is grounded a health equity paradigm. It will be important to continually explore and contribute to the spaces between medicine and sociology. This perspective is best honed through evidence found in the literature about the social nature of various populations one may encounter as a practitioner.

You may find full explications of research terminologies such as paradigm by using the library's access to Sage Research Methods

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