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Featured Faculty Publications

1. Nwulia EA, Rai N, Sartip K, .... Kapetanovic S. (2017).  A Pilot Study of Reduced Olfactory Bulb Volume as a Parker of PTSD in Childhood Trauma-Explosed Adult HIV-Infected Patients. J Trauma Stress. 30(5): 537-544.  

2. Le HN, Hipolito MM, ... , Nwulia EA (2017). Culturally Sensitive Approaches to Identification and Treatment of Depression among HIV Infected African American Adults: A Qualitative Study of Primary Care Providers' Perspectives. Journal of Depression and Anxiety. epub. 

3. Bell KA, Koayashi, Chen Y, Mellman TA (2017). Nocturnal autonomic nervous system activity and morniing proinflammatory cytokines in young adult African Americans. Journal of Sleep Research. epub. 

4. Kumari S, Manalai P, Leong S, ... , Malik M, Lawson WB (2016). Factors Associated with non-adherence to Buprenorphine-naloxone among opioid dependent African-Americans: A retrospective chart review. The American Journal of Addictions, 25(2): 110-7. 

5. Kobayashi I, Mellman TA, Altaee D, Howell MK, Lavela J (2016). Sleep and processing of trauma memories. Journal of Traumatic Stress. 29(6), 568-571. 

6. Cain GE, Kalu N, Kwagyan J, Marshall VJ, ... , Bland WP, ... , Taylor RE, Scott DM. (2016). Beliefs and Preferences for Medical Research Among African-Americans. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. 3(1), 74-82. 

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