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Featured Faculty Publications

1. Tiruneh F, Awan A, Diana A, Doshi(2017). Preventing Cushing: Iatrogenic Cushing Syndrome due to Ritonavir-Fluticasone Interaction. Cureus, 9(7), epub. 

2. Kodadhala V, Gudeta A, Zerihun A, Lewis O, Ahmed S, Gajjala J, Thomas A. (2016). Postpartum Tuberculosis: A Diagnositic and Therapeutic Challenge. Case Reports in Pulmology. epub. 

3. Castel AD, ... Rana S, Bryant M, ... Greeberg AE (2016). Disparities in achieving and sustaining viral suppression among a large cohort of HIV-infected persons in case - Washington DC. AIDS Care, 28(11), 1355-64. 

4. Setse RW, Maxwell CJ (2014). Correlates of HIV testing refusal among emergency department patients in the opt-out testing era. AIDS and Behavior, 18(5), 966-71. 

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