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Featured Faculty Publications

1. Bond V Curry BH, Kumar K, ..., Mills RM (2017). Restricted Blood Flow Exercise in Sedentary, Overweight African-Amercan Femals May Increase Muscle Strength and Decrease Endothelial Function and Vascular AutoregulationJournal of Pharmacopuncture, 20(1), 23-28. 

2. Bond V Jr, Curry BH, ... , Millis RM (2016). Nonlinear Conte-Zbilut-Federici (CZF) Method of Computing LF/HF Ratio: A More Reliable Index of Changes in Heart Rate Variability. Journal of Pharmacopuncture, 19(3), 207-212. 

3. Sinha A, Lewis O, Kumar R, Yeruva SL, Curry BH (2016). Amphetamine Abuse Related Acute Myocardial Infarction. Case Reports in Cardiology, Epub. 


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