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Advice for new scientists on the contributions to science narratives is available on the NIH Biosketch FAQs

New Updates

Updated instructions for the Biosketch for applications with due dates on or after May 25, 2016:

Updates to the biosketch include:

  • A consolidated biosketch format and instructions for research, institutional research training, institutional career development, research education, fellowship, and dissertation awards, as well as diversity supplements. 

Clarified instructions:

  • The URL for a publication list is optional and, if provided, must be to a government website (.gov) such as My Bibliography.
  • Publications (peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed) and research products can be cited in both the Personal Statement and the Contributions to Science sections.
  • Research products can include conference proceedings such as meeting abstracts, posters, or other presentations.
  • Graphics, figures and tables are not allowed.
  • Research products that are under development, such as manuscripts that have not yet been accepted for publication, can be mentioned in the narrative sections. However, they cannot be included as a citation in the Personal Statement or Contributions to Science sections.


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